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14 Best Health Podcasts of 2024

Natalie Krafft

9 min read

June 7, 2022
January 3, 2024
two people speaking into the microphone
two people speaking into the microphone

Podcasts are one of the most popular ways to consume media—and for good reason! A recent study showed that over 62 percent of Americans reported listening to audio podcasts in 2022. 

There are podcasts out there for pretty much any topic imaginable. They can be an effortless way to learn about new subjects or even to catch up on the latest news. 

Putting on your favorite show can be a great way to put your time spent commuting or cooking to good use, but with such an influx of creators and content, you may find it challenging to choose which podcasts you want to invest time listening to. Like any topic, there are hundreds of health and wellness podcasts, apps, and news sources out there, so how can you find the best ones to get the information you’re looking for? 

If you’re finding it hard to choose one to get started with, worry not—our Nutrition Team has done some of the heavy lifting for you! Read on to see which podcasts our team recommends if you’re interested in learning more about nutrition and health.

1) Diet Doctor 

Diet doctor podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8

The Diet Doctor podcast, hosted by Dr. Bret Scher, seeks to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health. Dr. Scher discusses nutrition topics ranging from low carb and keto diets to intermittent fasting and dietary protein. Most episodes are about 1 hour long.

Why We Love It

The Diet Doctor podcast does a great job of including fact-checked and reliable sources in its episodes and discusses some of today’s most popular diets and nutritional habits relevant to the average person. Each episode is full of insightful facts and information and uses science to back up its claims.

2) The Doctor’s Farmacy

Doctor's Farmacy podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.6

The Doctor’s Farmacy takes a critical look at nutrition and our food system as a cause of chronic diseases and poses questions regarding the health care and agricultural policies currently in place. Host Mark Hyman M.D. takes the listener through a wide range of health issues like cancer and heart disease and helps shed light on how diet and food choices can impact these conditions. Most episodes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour long.

Why We Love It

Dr. Hyman does a great job presenting facts and findings in a way that is easy to understand and consume. His informative episodes make it easy for listeners to implement changes that can help them get on a path to living a healthier lifestyle.


3) Found My Fitness Podcast

found my fitness podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8

Host Rhonda Patrick Ph.D. and her special guests take the listener through various health, science, nutrition, aging, and fitness topics on the Found My Fitness podcast. 

Each episode does a deep dive into a new topic in the health and wellness space to answer all your most complex questions and simplify the answers for everyone to understand. Most episodes are 1 to 2 hours long.

Why We Love It

This podcast is comprehensive, covering a wide range of health topics from which everyone can take value. Rhonda’s guests are very knowledgeable and share great insights about their topics of expertise, and the long episode structure allows her to explore each issue in depth. 

4) Fundamental Health Podcast

fundamental health podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8

Fundamental Health, by Dr. Paul Saladino, is a podcast centered around understanding the roots of chronic disease and how nutrition and other lifestyle choices can help people lead better lives. 

Each episode explores a unique health-related topic and seeks to uncover the root causes of different health issues. Most episodes are 1 to 2 hours long.

Why We Love It

Dr. Saladino reports on a myriad of highly relevant health topics that can help anyone on their health journey. 

This podcast discusses the answers to some of the most widely asked questions, from plant-based diets to low testosterone. Check out our favorite episode, “Will Carbohydrates Give Me Diabetes?” featuring Nutrisense.

5) The Genius Life Podcast

genius life podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8

The Genius Life is hosted by health and science journalist, New York Times bestselling author, TV personality, and nutrition expert Max Lugavere. 

On this podcast, Max interviews industry experts across the health and wellness industries to help people live healthier lives. Most episodes are 1 hour to 1 and a half hours long.

Why We Love It

This podcast is full of interesting guest speakers who bring new insights and shed light on their areas of expertise. 

Episodes are well-produced, and each one takes on important questions that people want answered.

6) Health Rebellion Radio Podcast

health rebellion radio podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8

Healthy Rebellion Radio by Robb Wolf is a podcast featuring a listener Q and A, and it explores all things diet and health. This podcast covers metabolic flexibility, body recomposition, resilient aging, circadian biology, gut health, low carb/keto/paleo diets, and much more. 

Most episodes are 30 minutes to an hour-long.

Why We Love It

Health Rebellion is unique compared to other health podcasts. Its question and answer format allows the listener to ask fundamental questions and learn more about the topics they’re genuinely interested in.

Robb shares his expertise, and users can submit their questions which can potentially be featured in future episodes.

7) Low Carb Athlete Podcast

low carb athlete podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8

The Low Carb Athlete Podcast is a podcast that aims to educate the listener on how to burn fat, optimize their health, and improve athletic performance on a low-carb diet. 

Host Debbie Potts is an author, speaker, and coach. Most episodes are about an hour long.

Why We Love It

Debbie’s podcast is full of hacks for athletes and highlights unique insights and benefits that can help listeners achieve their health goals. Low Carb Athlete goes beyond helping athletes perform better in sports; and it also seeks to help them excel in life.

Check out our favorite episode, “Making sense with Nutrisense,” featuring the Nutrisense team.

8) The Metabolic Classroom Podcast

metabolic classroom podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 5.0

The Metabolic Classroom is a nutrition and lifestyle podcast focused on metabolism and its effects on the body. This podcast, hosted by Ben Bikman, Ph.D., shares expert insights that anyone can apply to their lifestyle to live a healthier life and encourage their loved ones to do the same. Most episodes are about 45 minutes long.

Why We Love It

Ben does a great job of simplifying complex topics and helping the listener understand how different diets and habits can affect our metabolism and what impact this can have on our day-to-day life. 

This podcast is beneficial for people with diabetes who want to learn more about metabolic health and insulin resistance.

9) Optimal Protein Podcast

optimal protein podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.6

Optimal Protein Podcast (Fast Keto) is a podcast hosted by Sport Nutrition Specialist Vanessa Spina. 

Vanessa is the best-selling author and international speaker and covers the science of fat burning and being a fat-fueled machine through an optimal protein intake. Most episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half long.

Why We Love It

Vanessa does an excellent job of relaying important, evidence-based health information to her audience. Each episode explores the ketogenic diet and its complexities in a way that is informative yet easy to understand. 

Here’s one of our favorite podcast episodes: "Understanding Blood Glucose Measuring for Fat Loss," featuring Nutrisense’s VP of Health, Kara Collier.

10) Peak Human Podcast

peak human podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8

The Peak Human podcast takes an unbiased look at health & nutrition. Host Brian Sanders sifts through conflicting information on important health topics to uncover a unified and science-backed framework for nutrition and dietary habits that lead to optimum health. 

Most episodes are about an hour and a half long.

Why We Love It

This podcast features interviews with certified nutritionists and medical professionals to discuss critical topics in the health space and find answers around optimizing health. 

Check out one of their latest episodes featuring the Nutrisense team: "Optimal Health Through Blood Sugar Regulation."

11) We Do Science—The Performance Nutrition Podcast

we do science podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.7

The Performance Nutrition Podcast connects the listener with world-leading experts in performance nutrition and the latest evidence-based research on athlete health, fueling for sport, recovery, and mindset. 

Its science-based approach helps the listener understand the evidence behind different health and performance topics. Most episodes are about an hour long.

Why We Love It

Host Dr. Laurent Bannock of the Institute of Performance Nutrition highlights all aspects of nutrition. It helps anyone understand the fundamentals of diet and exercise and how they can impact performance. 

This podcast is informative and educational and features qualified and insightful guests to expand on their topics of expertise.

12) Revolution Health Radio Podcast

revolution health podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.7

Revolution Health Radio is a science-based and research-backed podcast that covers multiple health topics and features guests from various backgrounds. 

Host Chris Kesser breaks down the latest research to shed light on important health topics. Most episodes are about an hour long.

Why We Love It

This podcast is an excellent resource for people looking for objective information on diverse health issues, and listeners can find great takeaways on how to fight and prevent disease naturally. 

This podcast also does an excellent job at busting common myths in the health world.

13) Ruscio Radio Podcast

ruscio radio podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.6

Dr. Ruscio Radio is a podcast that features cutting-edge information in health, nutrition, and functional medicine. 

This podcast, hosted by Dr. Michael Ruscio, combines health insights with practical advice that listeners can use to improve their health. 

Most episodes are about 30 minutes long.

Why We Love It

Dr. Ruscio makes a great effort to provide accurate insights and have in-depth discussions about relevant health conditions. 

His guests are qualified experts in their field, and this podcast is an excellent resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on a variety of health topics.

Check out our favorite episode of the Dr. Ruscio Radio show: "Can Continuous Glucose Monitoring Support your Health Goals?" featuring the Nutrisense team!

14) Sustainable Dish Podcast

sustainable dish podcast

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.6

Sustainable Dish is a show hosted by nutritionist, author, and sustainability advocate Diana Rodgers. The podcast covers healthy living, eco-eating, and regenerative food production from leading experts in their fields. Most episodes are about 45 minutes long.

Why We Love It

This podcast is highly relevant to anyone interested in sustainability and sustainable eating. 

Diana’s podcast highlights ways that we can be healthy while caring for our planet, and her guests are knowledgeable speakers with unique insights into different niches of eco-friendly food.

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Carlee Hayes, RDN, CD

Reviewed by: Carlee Hayes, RDN, CD

Carlee's training at Western Illinois University and an internship at the Memphis VA Hospital lead her to a career in outpatient counseling and bariatric nutrition therapy. In these positions, Carlee realized many of the disease states (upwards of 80%!) her patients experienced were actually preventable. She knew she had to dig deeper into preventative health and has since been passionate about helping people translate this complex glucose data into actionable changes anyone can implement into their everyday lives.

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