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Diving Deep into Value: Is Noom Worth the Price?

In an era where countless weight loss programs and apps promise to help you shed those extra pounds, it's natural to wonder whether they’re truly worth the investment. While trendy rapid weight loss strategies may provide immediate gratification, they often lack the long-term effectiveness needed for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can lead to undesired side effects.

Programs like Noom take a data-driven tracking approach with support of a dedicated coach to help users achieve sustainable weight loss and set long-term healthy habits. The Nutrisense program is another unique option, utilizing continuous glucose monitoring to provide personalized insights into healthier eating choices that can support weight loss alongside bigger-picture dietary and lifestyle guidance.

If you’re someone starting out on a weight loss journey, how can you know which program is best for you and your unique needs? Join us as we delve into the intricacies of Noom, its overall value, and how it stacks up against Nutrisense to help you make an informed decision about whether it's the right tool to support your weight loss goals.


What is a CGM?

With a CGM, you can observe real-time glucose responses to lifestyle factors like food, stress, exercise and sleep.

What is the Noom App?

Noom is a weight loss app that uses a psychology-based approach to help users meet their personal wellness and weight loss goals. It encourages users to develop sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes by addressing not just what they eat, but why and how they make those choices.

Unlike Weight Watchers, MyFitnessPal, and similar weight loss plans and apps, Noom educates users on eating psychology and behavior change. During the 16-week program, Noom users are armed with the tools and knowledge to make healthier dietary choices with features that include:

  • A weight loss plan
  • Food tracking functionality
  • Personal coaching
  • Access to a support group

Let’s take a look at how the app works and what to expect.

How Does Noom Work?

The Noom program is accessible through the Noom app, and it provides tools for meal logging, exercise, and weight monitoring to keep you motivated and on track. To encourage you to eat whole, nutrient-dense foods as part of the Noom diet plan, you’re provided with a color-coded food system based on caloric density, with green foods, yellow foods, and red foods.

Noom users are then guided with instructions on how to include foods from all three color categories. The program also encourages you to join coach-led, interest-based communities called Noom Circles to connect you to other Noomers.

Here are a few of the unique features of the Noom app and what you’ll receive if you try Noom.

  • A supportive plan. When you sign up, Noom creates a plan for healthy eating and a calorie goal with a realistic timeline to reach your target weight.
  • Food logging functionality. The food logging feature includes a calorie budget, displaying which food groups are most calorie-dense and what you should include in your meals.
  • Daily lessons. Noom’s daily lessons offer insights into food choices and education on eating habits. 
  • Human coaching. Noom coaches are available through the program to provide guidance and motivation.

How Does Nutrisense Work?

If you've found yourself in a progress plateau, Nutrisense may just be the ally you've been waiting for. With cutting-edge CGM sensors and a sophisticated mobile app, Nutrisense provides real-time insights into the impact of your decisions on blood sugar levels to help you unravel the mysteries of your body's responses to different foods and lifestyle choices. 

But what’s the benefit of monitoring your blood sugar? Dysregulated blood sugar levels may be linked to an increased risk of weight gain in certain people, which is why gaining a deeper understanding of your blood sugar reactions can offer valuable insights for making lifestyle choices that align with your weight loss objectives.

With Nutrisense, you can:

  • See the direct impact that the foods you eat may be having on your blood sugar levels
  • Understand how this may be affecting your energy levels and sleep quality
  • Log your meals in the app and view your macronutrient breakdown and a blood sugar graph
  • Get support from a personal nutritionist to help you interpret your data and create a holistic plan for success

Inside the Nutrisense app, you can view the data you need to make informed decisions about your diet, optimize your nutritional choices, and implement lifestyle changes to support better metabolic health, weight loss, and more.

Find out how Nutrisense can help you reach your wellness goals.

Is Nutrisense or Noom the Most Valuable Option for Weight Loss?

When it comes to choosing the most valuable option for weight loss, the decision between Nutrisense and Noom depends on your individual needs and preferences. Nutrisense provides you with access to continuous glucose monitoring, offering personalized insights from expert dietitians and nutritionists into the impact of different foods on your blood sugar levels.

While the Nutrisense program offers a holistic approach, combining dietary guidance and 1:1 support from expert nutritionists, Noom primarily focuses on education through daily lessons and behavioral changes contributing to weight loss success. Ultimately, the choice between the two will hinge on whether you prioritize data-driven nutritional insights or a more psychology-based approach to a weight loss program. 

Let's take a closer look at how these two programs stack up and determine which platform gives you a better value.

Nutrisense vs. Noom: A Side by Side Comparison



Support from highly qualified and credentialed nutritionists

Personalized nutrition Insights

Real-time glucose data

Syncs health data from other apps

Flexible plans available

Access to app

Overall Value Comparison

Though it comes in at a higher price point, Nutrisense provides valuable insights through CGMs and expert nutrition support, offering personalized data on how your unique body responds to the foods you eat. This can be a game-changer for making informed dietary choices, learning how to implement sustainable changes, and supporting better metabolic health

Noom, on the other hand, offers value for those seeking a different approach to weight loss and wellness. Its blend of behavioral psychology, coaching, and nutritional guidance can provide users with added motivation. Both programs are designed to offer a comprehensive approach to weight loss, but Nutrisense’s can provide added guidance and personalization to support you on your wellness journey.

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Accuracy and Data Insights

With Nutrisense, you can access real-time glucose data 24/7 to track your glucose levels so that you can see how your diet, activity levels, sleep, and stress may be affecting your health. With access to an expert nutritionist to help you analyze the data, you’re able to spot trends to make changes for better metabolic health.

Through the Noom app, you can track your daily food intake, exercise, and weight, generating a clear overview of their progress and habits. The color-coded food logging system categorizes foods, helping you understand the nutritional quality of your choices. Although these data points can be insightful, the Noom program lacks expert guidance for in-depth tracking and understanding of your body’s patterns.

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Compatibility with Other Apps

Nutrisense’s app is compatible with wearable devices like smartwatches and other health apps to give you a more complete picture of your well-being. You can sync exercise and sleep data from platforms and wearables like Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit, Oura Ring, and more to gain a more holistic perspective into your lifestyle habits.

The Noom app can also connect to various health and fitness apps, though it only syncs steps, exercise data, and weight information at this time. Other information, such as blood pressure or blood glucose levels can be added manually.


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Noom Cost Breakdown and Subscription Models

The Noom Weight program offers flexible subscription plans depending on how long you choose to commit for. For a month-to-month commitment, users can access a free seven-day trial period, followed by $70/month payments until you cancel. For longer commitments, the price can drop as low as $209/yearly with an auto-renewing plan.

For an additional fee, you can purchase extra features such as support from a Behavioral Change coach, customized meal and workout plans, or a mental wellness course.

Nutrisense’s Subscription Models

The Nutrisense CGM program offers 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans catered to different health and wellness goals, including weight loss. The price of your Nutrisense program depends on how long of a commitment you choose. 

Since navigating the initial data from your CGM can be overwhelming, each plan comes with complimentary 1:1 support from a registered dietitian or qualified nutritionist to help you get started on the path to success. You can then choose to extend your support for an added monthly fee.

3-month plan

$299/ per month

6-month plan

$250/ per month

12-month plan

$225/ per month

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The Bottom Line: Here’s Why Nutrisense Is The Best Solution

In the realm of personalized health and nutrition support, Nutrisense stands out as a frontrunner, empowering you to make informed decisions through real-time insights that can support your weight loss journey. With the support of Nutrisense, you can optimize your nutrition and lifestyle habits—regardless of what your health goal may be.

While Noom offers a well-rounded weight loss program, Nutrisense's focus on unique dietary insights and creating better eating habits give it a unique edge, making it a preferred choice for those seeking data-driven solutions to achieve their health goals.

With real-time insights and an expert nutritionist to support you along the way, you’ll have a better understanding of your glucose levels and have access to all the information you need to create a tailored plan for healthy weight management.

Sign up today to see how Nutrisense can help you reach your health potential.


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