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Nutrisense vs Signos: Which CGM Program is Better?

Nutrisense vs Signos

You likely already know that understanding your blood glucose levels is important for your wellness journey. Insights from a continuous glucose monitor (which can help you view your blood sugar in real-time, 24/7) can be a helpful addition to your toolkit when setting and working towards your goals.


What is a CGM?

With a CGM, you can observe real-time glucose responses to lifestyle factors like food, stress, exercise and sleep.

If you’ve decided you’d like to use CGM sensors to see your glucose response to various lifestyle factors, it’s a good idea to look for a CGM program.

Because viewing your glucose readings isn’t all there is to this metabolic health marker, finding a CGM program that works for your specific goals is the next step in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. With so many to choose from, knowing which program is worth the time and commitment can be challenging.

There are so many things you should find out from a potential CGM program provider: what do the various plans include? Do the CGM devices provided with the program connect with a helpful app? Do the integrations and wearables suit your needs? Is there any other support provided? At Nutrisense, for example, you can see how your glucose responds to various dietary and lifestyle factors using data insights from a CGM and access to 1:1 support from an expert nutritionist.

It’s always important to do your research to ensure you’re getting the best program for your needs: not all CGM programs offer the same benefits. In this article, we’ll present a side-by-side comparison of Nutrisense and Signos, breaking down the features, benefits, and pricing of each.

Read on for a closer look into Nutrisense vs. Signos.

Mobile phone on the table showing Nutrisense glucose chart

Nutrisense Overview: Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Nutrisense aims to help our members discover and reach their health potential through data, accountability, and actionable insights.

When you join Nutrisense:

  • You get two CGMs a month and access to the Nutrisense app to track daily habits.
  • You can see how your food, sleep, exercise, and stress impact your blood sugar levels.
  • You will also have access to one-on-one nutritionist coaching options!

Here is an in-depth look at our features, pricing, and benefits.

Features and Benefits

Nutrisense’s CGM program offers several features that can help you build sustainable, healthy habits to meet your overall health and wellness goals. These features include:

  • Food, sleep, exercise, and symptoms logging
    • You can log food intake (and nutritional values), workouts, and physical activity in the Nutrisense app. You can also track sleep and stress levels or other symptoms you want to keep an eye on.
    • This information helps your nutritionist work with you to set realistic goals.
  • Access to expert nutritionist support
    • When you sign up, you can access 1:1 support from a team of credentialed dietitians and nutritionists. You get a free month of nutritionist support when you sign up for any program.
    • You can upgrade at any time to the paid support, which includes faster response times and more frequent check-ins!
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly glucose reports
    • Your CGM provides real-time data insights, and with Nutrisense, you can view 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day glucose data reports based on this.
    • These reports allow you to view your glucose levels over time and identify patterns and trends in your glucose response to various lifestyle factors.
A member wearing Nutrisense CGM sensor while eating and smiling at his laptop

Weight Loss Support

Whatever your wellness goal is, Nutrisense can help! With a team of credentialed experts with various specialties, including weight loss, Nutrisense's nutritionists can help support your weight struggles.

You will get the data and support you need to:

  • See how glucose fluctuations and weight may be connected.
  • View your body’s blood sugar responses to various foods with the help of meal tracking in the Nutrisense app.
  • Learn how balanced calorie and macronutrient intake can help support energy and shed pounds.
  • Prevent exercise exhaustion and optimize your workouts for weight loss success.
  • Understand your body’s response to activities and diet so you can shift stubborn weight and beat weight loss plateaus.
  • Lose weight but maintain energy so you can look and feel your best.
  • Get personalized recommendations on nutrient intake and meal preparation that help personalize your weight loss goals.

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The Nutrisense CGM program costs depend on the plan you choose. Nutrisense offers four plans:

  • A 3-month plan for $299 per month
  • A 6-month plan for $250 per month
  • A 12-month plan for $225 per month
  • A month-to-month plan for $399 per month

3-month program


$299 / per month

6-month program


$250 / per month

12-month program


$225 / per month

Standout Benefit of Nutrisense: Access to Expert Nutritionist Support

All the CGM programs at Nutrisense include one month of complimentary coaching for new members.

Considering that your nutritionist can help you set and keep sustainable health goals and help you interpret your CGM data, this is a valuable benefit for someone wearing a CGM for the first time.

And since everyone’s body is different, support from a nutritionist based on your unique data can go a long way in accomplishing your health goals. After the first month, members can extend support for an additional fee.


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A Signos member

Signos Overview: Features, Pricing, and Benefits

In Signos’ own words, they are an “all-in-one health tool that provides members with access to its app and a continuous glucose monitor” to help with weight loss.

Signos’s app is AI-driven, which uses the data you put into it to generate recommendations about diet and exercise.

Members of Signos log what they eat, and the AI-driven app uses that data, along with the user’s blood glucose data from the CGM. It then provides personalized nutrition and exercise suggestions that may help balance your blood sugar in relation to weight loss.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at their features, pricing, and benefits.

Features and Benefits

Signos’s app offers several features, including

  • Food, sleep, exercise, and symptoms logging
    • The Signos app allows you to log your snacks and meals, your weight, how much you sleep, how much water you drink, and workouts and physical activity.
    • It uses the data you log to give you personalized nutrition, weight loss, and exercise information.
  • Glucose spike notifications
    • The Signos app will alert you when your glucose spikes outside of an optimal range. As Nutrisense nutritionist Heather Davis, MS, RDN, LDN explains, “Though we have good science to support a general goal for keeping glucose within a range of 70-140 mg/dl, it’s possible that the optimal range for each person may have some variability within that larger goal.”
    • This notification will allow you to see whether it’s due to blood glucose responses to recent food, stress, or other lifestyle factors.

“Though we have good science to support a general goal for keeping glucose within a range of 70-140 mg/dl, it’s possible that the optimal range for each person may have some variability within that larger goal.”

  • Personalized exercise prompts
    • Using their app, you can log workouts and unlock the ‘personalized exercise prompt’ feature.
    • The Signos app’s AI uses the data you’ve logged to predict how long and hard you will need to exercise to bring your glucose down when it spikes.
  • Weekly and monthly glucose reports
    • Signos offers weekly and monthly reports showing which foods lead to the most blood sugar fluctuations.
    • They also offer a daily calendar view of the percent of time per day you spend in your optimal glucose range.

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Weight Loss Support

Signos believes that stabilizing your blood sugar is one of the keys to sustainable weight loss.

  • Their app uses AI technology to track your blood glucose data.
  • It then offers suggestions based on those AI algorithms for small changes you can make that will lower your blood glucose and may aid in weight loss.
  • You can make changes accordingly: like exercising when your glucose is high to burn off excess glucose for example.
  • These tools aim to keep you accountable for your weight loss goals.


Signos offers three plans:

  • A 6-month plan that costs $179 per month
  • A 3-month plan that costs $229 per month
  • A month-to-month plan that costs $449 per month

All plans provide a CGM, AI-powered weight loss insight, and a digital telehealth assessment. Their three and six-month plans also offer some nutritionist access.

Standout Benefit of Signos: Custom Weight Loss Planning

The standout benefit of Signos is its personalized weight loss tools.

  • The more information about your diet, workout, hydration, sleep, and weight you log, the better the AI works and the more personalized it is to you.
  • When your glucose spikes out of your optimal range, the app alerts you with advice for how to lower it, which usually involves exercising.
  • According to Signos, excess glucose can also change your appetite, making you more likely to overeat.
  • These alerts can help you avoid glucose spikes that may throw you off your weight loss goals.

Nutrisense vs. Signos: A Side-by-Side Comparison



Real-time tracking

Access to app

Access to a personal nutritionist

Number of plans



Alerts for high glucose levels

Personalized nutrition recommendations

Nutritionist video call options


The Missing Piece on Your Wellness Journey

Nutrisense helps you find what works for your body!

Why You Should Choose Nutrisense

While the Signos CGM program is primarily focused towards offering weight loss support, Nutrisense takes a more comprehensive approach.

Weight loss is an important factor in metabolic health, but it is only one factor. At Nutrisense, the goal is to provide you with the tools you need to understand and support the many variables that affect your metabolic health.

And while Signos’s AI-driven app does provide helpful tools and data, nothing can replace a real, live person who can bring professional expertise and years of experience to spot things possibly missed by AI algorithms alone.

Nutrisense gives you access to this, helping to combine data insights with human expertise. Your nutritionist, a credentialed professional, can provide personalized support and advice.

Some of Signos' longer-term plans also make support available. However, this option is not available with their one-month plan and is somewhat limited. This can make it more difficult to interpret your glucose insights when first getting started on your wellness journey.


Discover the joys##of food freedom not food restriction##, with our CGM program.

Nutrisense Testimonials: What Our Members Have to Say

Here’s what some of the happy members at Nutrisense have to say about Nutrisense’s CGM program:

A lumen member breathing through analysis device looking into his lumen phone app

Watch Nutrisense member Stuart Tutler has to say about his journey with the CGM program.

Join Nutrisense for Real-Time Glucose Insights

In this article, we've illuminated what makes the Nutrisense CGM program so effective.

From the CGM to the nutritionist support and access to the Nutrisense app, you get a complete picture of how your diet, stress levels, workouts, and sleep impact blood glucose levels—and, in turn, overall wellness.

The app also syncs to and integrates with various wearables and smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, and Oura ring.

While other programs focus on only one aspect of your metabolic health, such as weight loss, Nutrisense is committed to a comprehensive approach that considers the importance of your overall well-being and metabolic health.

When you sign up for Nutrisense, you to work with a nutritionist who is an expert in reading and decoding glucose data. Your credentialed nutritionist will give you truly personalized advice and guidance to help meet your wellness goals.


Ready to take the first step? Start with our quiz to see how Nutrisense can support you on your wellness journey