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Is the Levels CGM Program Worth It?

Natalie Krafft

Published in Industry

8 min read

September 9, 2022
September 6, 2023
A close-up of someone with a CGM on their arm, holding a phone looking at their blood glucose levels
A close-up of someone with a CGM on their arm, holding a phone looking at their blood glucose levels

Are you ready to invest in a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to optimize your health and wondering where to begin? CGMs are small devices that sit on your arm and give you real-time data on how your glucose levels fluctuate throughout the day. These devices can help you pinpoint specific patterns of activity or certain foods that may be hindering your health progress and affecting your blood sugar levels.

However, with so many providers to choose from (Levels Health, Signos, and of course, Nutrisense), you may not be sure which one will give you the most bang for your buck.

In this article, we’ll compare the Levels Health and Nutrisense CGM programs to see what the pros and cons of each option are, and how you can make the best decision for your health needs.

What is the Levels Health CGM?

Phone showing levels health app

Levels Health is a health and fitness company that helps people improve their metabolic health. Their continuous glucose monitor program seeks to provide members with insight into their health using personalized data.

Members of the Levels program receive two CGM devices per month, access to an app to track their health data, and access to a nutritionist marketplace where they can get one-on-one support for an added fee.

In comparison, the Nutrisense CGM program also offers continuous glucose monitors which pair with an app to track their data. Each Nutrisense member is paired with a credentialed dietitian who can help them interpret their data and get support in creating healthier, long-term habits.

The Nutrisense program helps optimize metabolic health, but is also ideal for anyone who wants to reach their health potential in any form. This may be through weight loss, creating healthy eating habits, or even maximizing athletic performance.

What Does Levels CGM Track? 

People who sign up for the Levels Health CGM program will be able to track their biometric data, or glucose levels, measured by the device. Like other CGMs, the Levels program allows you to track glucose levels as you eat, exercise, sleep, and go about your day.

This program also comes with two CGM options—real-time streaming or manual upload. While both CGMs are able to track the same information, the manual device needs to be scanned every few hours using your phone while the real-time streaming option sends the information via bluetooth.

Levels members also have the option to track additional health data through lab testing, however this comes at an extra charge on top of the membership fee.

A Breakdown of the Cost of Levels CGM

Person checking Levels Health app on phone

Let’s take a look at the price of the Levels CGM program over time, beginning from the initial purchase fee to the renewing monthly membership options, and any additional health tracking features Levels offers.

Initial Cost of Levels 

The first time you sign up for a Levels Health CGM program membership, regardless of the subscription plan you choose, the total comes to a total of $398 USD.This total covers two 14-day CGMs, or a one month supply ($199), plus an annually renewing 12-month membership fee ($199 total).

Monthly Membership Costs

With Levels Health, you can choose whether you want to sign up for a single month without renewal, or monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly renewal.

Regardless of the plan you select, you’ll pay $398 USD for your first two CGMs and the annual membership fee. Then, once you’ve completed the initial 28 day program, you’ll be charged $199 per shipment (either monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly) depending on your plan.

Metabolic Blood Tests Cost

Person doing the finger prick test for blood sugar levels

In addition to glucose data, Levels provides members with the option to order a metabolic health panel for an additional charge of $179 USD per panel. Through this option, Levels will send a phlebotomist to your home to collect your blood sample.This health panel measures:

  • Fasting insulin
  • Fasting glucose
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) 
  • High-density Lipoprotein (HDL) 
  • Triglycerides
  • High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein


Key Features of Levels CGM

The Levels Health program offers a range of health data to provide you with unique insights into your metabolic health. Now that you understand how the Levels program works, what it tracks, and how much you'll be charged each month, let’s get into the key features of their program.

Tracks Your Diet

Woman tracking meals on app and blending smoothie

As a Levels Health member, you can input and track your meals inside the Levels app. This is done by manually inputting what you consumed during each meal so you can track it against your blood sugar response.

This data makes it easier for your nutritionist (if you’re working with one) to better understand your diet and help you make healthier choices as needed. It also allows you to view what foods are impacting your glucose response throughout the day.

Monitors Fitness and Physical Activity 

Similarly to tracking your diet, you can also monitor your physical activity and fitness level. On the Levels app, you can input your workouts, and keep track of your daily activities such as walking or going to the gym.This information can help you further understand how your daily activities affect your blood sugar levels.

Monitors Health

Couple checking health data together on phon

By keeping track of your meals, physical activity, glucose levels, and the optional additional metabolic health results (if purchased), the Levels CGM program allows you to monitor your overall health.

You can also work one-on-one with a nutritionist (for an additional fee) to use the data to reach your health goals and optimize your metabolic health. Since glucose tracking can be a reflection of your energy levels, mood, and overall well being, monitoring this data can help support better health.

Nutritionist add-on services start at $175 for a 60 minute session. To use this support monthly, you can also purchase the monthly package of four sessions for $425, which includes a 60 minute introductory session and three 40 minute follow up sessions.

You’ll be able to select a nutritionist that meets your needs from the Levels marketplace, but it’s important to note that each nutritionist may have different pricing and different services.

Nutrisense vs Levels: Which CGM Should You Choose?

Now that we’ve broken down the full offering that Levels Health provides for subscribed members, you may be wondering how it compares to competitive options like the Nutrisense CGM program.

While there are similarities between Nutrisense’s CGM program and Levels Health CGM program, there are also key differences that are important to take into account before making the best decision for your health needs.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each program to highlight the main differences between the two.

Pros of Nutrisense 

Woman stretching on mat and wearing Nutrisense CGM patch
  • The Nutrisense app is user friendly, allowing you to sign up, activate your CGMs, and track data in the same place.
  • Flexible CGM program options (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months). This makes it ideal for different people with unique and individual health goals to find a program that meets their needs. 
  • Free one-on-one check-ins from one of Nutrisense’s in-house nutritionists (who possess a wide range of specialities) during your first month ($100 per month after that).
  • Nutritionist support includes review and feedback on CGM data, customized nutrition and fitness plans, lifestyle coaching, recipes and meal plan creations, and review of lab results.
  • Free membership to a Facebook community of Nutrisense members to ask questions, get support, connect with others, and share insights.
  • Free webinars for members covering different topics of interest in glucose and metabolic health.
  • CGMs provided by the Nutrisense program are water-resistant.
  • Ships to all 50 U.S. states.

Cons of Nutrisense 

  • Necessary to scan your device at least once every 8 hours to sync with the app and avoid losing data. 
  • Not shipping outside of the United States.

Pros of Levels CGM 

Dining table with Levels Health app on phone and veggie bowl with avocado and broccoli

Flexible plans to select how often you wish to receive additional CGMs (one month, bimonthly, quarterly).

  • Ability to ask health questions to thought leaders like functional medicine practitioners inside the app.
  • Like the Nutrisense CGMs, the CGMS provided by Levels Health are water resistant. 
  • Access to a Facebook group with other members for support throughout the program, plus community challenges to keep you engaged.

Cons of Levels CGM 

  • All members must subscribe to an annual membership even if they do not sign up for monthly CGM renewals.
  • No diversity of options for lab testing—a metabolic health panel is the only testing currently available.
  • Complicated app set up and integration, as two apps are required to complete your set up and track your data. 
  • Independent nutritionists from the Levels marketplace may have different approaches to metabolic health and set their own fees.  
  • Not currently available in all 50 U.S. states or internationally (Alaska, Arizona, DC, Nevada, and Hawaii are excluded).
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Your blood sugar levels can significantly impact how your body feels and functions. That’s why stable blood glucose levels can be an important factor in supporting overall wellbeing.

With Nutrisense, you’ll be able to track your blood glucose levels over time using a CGM, so you can make lifestyle choices that support healthy living.

When you join the Nutrisense CGM program, our team of credentialed dietitians and nutritionists are available for additional support and guidance to help you reach your goals.

Ready to take the first step? Start with our quiz to see how Nutrisense can support your health.

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Jordyn Wallerius, MS, RDN, CD

Reviewed by: Jordyn Wallerius, MS, RDN, CD

Jordyn has a bachelor’s degree in biology, a graduate degree in Human Nutrition and completed a dietetic internship at the Memphis VA. She's a dietitian at Nutrisense, and has experience working as a clinical dietitian at a VA medical center specializing in oncology and at the Mayo Clinic, working with a wide range of patients ranging from neonates in the NICU to adult ICU.

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