Your personalized plan for weight loss, with dietitian support and insights from a continuous glucose monitor.

A Nutrisense member doing press up while wearing a CGM sensor on her left upper hand
A Nutrisense member doing press up while wearing a CGM sensor on her left upper hand
Find Out What’s Stopping You From Losing Weight

While each journey is unique, with the support & guidance of the Nutrisense CGM Program you can shed weight smarter by

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Reassessing food habits to find what diets work for your unique body 

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Discovering ideal exercises to meet weight loss goals and prevent rebound weight

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Making micro changes for long-term, sustainable weight loss

Join thousands of members who are on their weight loss journey with Nutrisense

7/10 of participants lost up to 13 lbs in 30 days*


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Unaware of how different foods influenced and impacted their weight loss goals


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Learning how to optimize and tailor their diet for better sleep and energy to encourage weight loss

*68% of Nutrisense study participants who logged their weight for 30 days lost up to 6.6% of their weight by month 1. Link to method here.

All Your Weight Loss Goals, Within Reach

##Embark on your weight loss journey with a plan tailored to your unique needs that includes...

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A Deeper Understanding of Your Body

Using your data + meal logs, get glucose insights to find what food and lifestyle habits are impacting your body, and what underlying reasons may be preventing you from reaching your ideal weight

Customized Guidance From Your Dietitian 

Build a personalized weight loss plan by debunking diet myths that don’t work for you and setting realistic weight loss goals for your unique body

Practical, Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Pair CGM data insights with guided dietary, exercise, and lifestyle experiments to support weight loss + find food freedom by adding what works for your body to your diet

Support for Sustainable Weight Loss

Work with data insights and dietitian support to make lasting changes to exercise and diet routines to break through plateaus and find long-term, sustainable weight loss

What our
members have to say.


Tracey Jacobs

"There are so many benefits to having a nutritionist. We need someone who can see what we don't see, who can put all the pieces together. . . being open with her is what helped me make the changes I needed.”


Linda Salant

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that what works for one person may not work for the next . . . We should always be evaluating and ready for change if what we’re consistently doing is not serving us.”


Rachel Helmer

"Seeing this real-time data from how your body responds to various factors… the data does not lie. It’s so valuable—it can teach us so much about how we can best support ourselves on our wellness journey."


Benjamin Langstraat

“What I ate and when I ate got a better, renewed focus with Nutrisense's CGM program, whereas before, I was just trying to eat less food to lose weight. So I'm down about 80 pounds from December 2021 to June 2022…I feel the best I’ve ever felt, and I've made better lifestyle choices. It's the right way to do it.”

Roxanne Cardenas

Roxanne Cardenas

The program helps with accountability, especially when you’re trying to lose weight; you can’t lie to the sensor. Marissa also helped me realize that every win is not a scale-based victory.

Nutrisense customer named Benjamin Langstraat stretching his left shoulder wearing Nutrisense cgm device on his upper left hand available at

Benjamin Langstraat

You can improve your lifestyle, and then the weighing scale becomes the lagging indicator rather than the leading indicator. I found immediately that it was helping me learn new habits. And the graphs and accountability aspect was so great!

A Nutrisense member Sara Duffy with a smiley face

Sara Duffy

“I began eating more because I was tracking all my food and realized I wasn’t eating enough. That was a wake-up call—everything I was doing in the past wasn’t working for me, it was working against me, and I could be more flexible. “

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