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CGM for Athletes
and Athletic Performance

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology can be beneficial if you’re an athlete looking to push performance to a new level. It can offer real-time feedback on current training and support efforts to build a roadmap to optimize athletic activity over time.

CGM Technology

Use a CGM to track

This technology involves using a small sensor called a CGM or continuous glucose monitor, which you insert under your skin, typically on the back of your arm.

The minimally-invasive device, worn 24/7, provides continual, real-time feedback on blood glucose levels during training and competition, which may help you maximize performance.

You can connect these CGM sensors to a transmitter or app that displays how your glucose levels change in response to various factors, including different macronutrients and pre and post-training sessions.

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The benefits of CGMs for athletes may include:

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Learning more about your body to help prevent injuries

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Optimizing your training and post-workout recovery

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Tailoring your diet to boost your athletic performance

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Supporting healthy blood sugar levels to encourage better energy levels and performance

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Finding the right nutrient balance for your personal needs


for Runners

CGM for Runners

Since CGMs are minimally-invasive devices, they’re hassle-free and easy to wear during high-intensity activities, including running.

Continuous glucose monitoring for runners may:

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Help prevent bonking and injuries by learning how to fuel your body properly.

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Help you understand how blood sugar levels may impact your stamina.

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Find the right amount of carbohydrates for optimal training and post-recovery for your unique body.

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Experiment with different nutrition strategies to help increase endurance.

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The Best CGM Program
for Runners

If you’re a runner looking to boost performance, recover efficiently, and fuel properly, living a healthy lifestyle is an important first step. And CGM insights can play an important role.

The Nutrisense program can help you take those insights one step further by giving you access to personalized nutritionist support. Guidance from a nutritionist with a background in sports nutrition and performance can help ensure you’re fueling and recovering from training properly.


for Fitness

CGM for Fitness

CGMs can also support your search for the perfect fitness program for your unique body. Whether you’re lifting weights, using the StairMaster, or doing a Zumba class, learning more about your glucose can offer an advantage in pursuit of various wellness goals.

Continuous glucose monitoring for fitness may help you:

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Experiment with different macronutrient ratios to support body recomposition.

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Determine the right protein amount and distribution for optimal muscle building.

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Help you understand which diet will help with your weight loss or body recomposition goals.

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Support healthy blood sugar levels for optimal muscle building and weight loss.

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The Nutrisense CGM
Program for Fitness

The Nutrisense CGM program lets you sync your CGM with other wearable devices so you can see how various lifestyle factors impact your fitness and athletic performance.

Integrations with apps like Health Kit, Biosense, and Ketomojo can also support anyone who wants to understand more about how nutrition may impact your fitness, performance, and recovery.

See what Nutrisense member, Russell Battles, said about learning what fuels his workout during his fitness journey with the Nutrisense CGM program:

A happy Nutrisense member standing on his right view side with Nutrisense cgm sensor on his upper right hand.

“I mix weight training, resistance training, and cardio throughout the week. I don’t hit it like an Olympic athlete, but I do enough for a 52-year-old man to stay in shape.

With what I learned from the Nutrisense CGM Program, I now don’t eat for about four hours before working out. I also started working out in the morning. I get up, have two bottles of water and a cup of coffee, and work out in more or less of a fasted state.”


for Swimming

CGM For Swimming

CGMs aren’t just for land athletes. If you’re a swimmer, you can use a continuous glucose monitor to see how your glucose levels change in real time, including before, during, and after swim workouts.

As a swimmer, a CGM may help you:

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Identify strategies to support an increase in lung capacity and breath endurance.

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Understand how blood sugar levels may affect your energy during training and swim meets.

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Learn what lifestyle and dietary changes may help improve your performance in the pool.

A Nutrisense member swimming with CGM sensor
A hand with a Nutrisense CGM sensor on upper right hand

The Best CGM Program
for Swimming

It's a good idea to ensure that the CGM device you choose is waterproof and suitable for use in the pool before you dive in.

Most continuous glucose monitors are waterproof, though this may depend on your provider. The CGMs provided by the Nutrisense program are waterproof for up to three feet in the pool.

Using the protective patch provided with your sensor can also help ensure that it’s not damaged while you swim.

See what Former Division 1 NCAA Swimmer, Katie Olsen said about learning how lifestyle habits were impacting her swimming during her journey with the Nutrisense CGM program:

Katie Olsen, a Nutrisense member in a swimming competition

“I used to be a world-class competitive swimmer, so learning how to properly fuel my body has always been key for me. With the CGM and nutritionist support from Nutrisense, I learned so much about how my diet, sleep, and lifestyle habits were impacting my athletic performance.

Nutrition and sleep are both so important when it comes to swimming, because you need energy to train hard and make sure your body can recover properly. My nutritionist worked with me to make changes that have helped me reach my goals and build healthier habits that I can sustain over time."

Katie Olsen,
Former Division 1 NCAA Swimmer

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Your questions

Still have questions? Here are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Can You Play Sports with a CGM?
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Yes, a CGM is a minimally-invasive device that sits on the back of your arm. You can run, swim, cycle, or do any other activity you’d normally do while wearing this device. Just make sure to cover your Freestyle Libre CGM sensor with the protective bandage to prevent it from being damaged or accidently removed while you’re exercising.

Why Are Athletes Wearing Glucose Monitors?
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Athletes can use CGM sensors to experiment with their nutrition, monitor their glucose and energy levels, and make more informed choices that can help support better athletic performance. By using a CGM to monitor your blood sugar levels in real-time, you can optimize the way you are fueling your body, which can be extremely important for athletes, especially when performing endurance exercises.

*Disclaimer: The Nutrisense program is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any conditions such as diabetes.